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Photo by F&E Schmidt

The spacious country kitchen is the heart of our operation.  One glance at the roster board tells it all: what pets eat, how often, foods they especially like.  Dogs are routinely fed twice a day, in the morning and again in late afternoon.  We are happy to feed more often if required.  Meals are prepared for the heartiest appetites as well as special dishes for the most finicky eaters.  We even bake our own dog biscuits.

And by request:

  • Friday Night Pizza - Fresh cheese pizza on Fridays.
  • Birthday Celebration - Personal cupcake with a candle.
  • Holiday Dinner - On Thanksgiving and Christmas a special dinner prepared for your pet.
  • Frosty Paws - Ice cream treat before bedtime.

Mountain Run Kennel
15467 Retriever Road
Culpeper VA 22701

(540) 547-2961