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Mountain Run Kennel Reservations

You may make an initial reservation for your pet’s stay by submitting the information below. To complete your reservation we require a deposit, which may be made by calling us with your billing information within 5 days of your pet’s scheduled arrival. We require a one night deposit per dog based on their level of board or suite. Deposits are non-refundable. You may provide your billing information by calling the kennel at 540-547-2961.

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Boarding dogs must have current vaccinations: rabies, DHLPP, bordetella (kennel cough) given 72 hours prior to boarding.


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Pickup and Delivery

I would like my pet to be picked up from and delivered to the address above or to a different address ($85.00; $40.00 each additional pet)

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Boarding (please mark your choices below)

Level 1: Boarding + two Play Times: $35.00
Level 2: Boarding + three Play Times: $45.00
Level 3: Boarding + one hour of Play Time: $55.00
Sheepskin Bedding: $2.00/day
Private Suite for Dogs: Includes a full hour of Buddy Time activities and additional short walks every 3 hours: $95.00
Additional dogs in private suite: $45.00 each additional dog
Regular Cat Boarding: $25.00
Private Suite for Cats: $40.00
Additional cats in private suite: $10.00 each additional cat

A La Carte Activities (indicate quantity of each desired)

Play Time 15 minutes: $10.00
Play Time 30 minutes: $15.00
Game Time 15 minutes: $10.00
Game Time 30 minutes: $15.00
Nature Walk + Swim 15 minutes: $15.00
Nature Walk + Swim 30 minutes: $20.00
Buddy Time $30/session/hour
Very Important Pet Time 15 minutes: $10.00
Very Important Pet Time 30 minutes: $15.00

Spa Services (indicate quantity of each desired)

** Bath (Short hair): $25.00
** Bath (Long hair): $50.00
Nails: $18.00
Maintenance Brushing: $10.00/15 minutes
Massage: $45.00/30 minutes
Spa Package $70.00 and up depending on size and condition

Additional Services

Medicines/Treatments: $2.00 - $5.00/treatment
Special Diets: $5.00/feeding
Special Care: $5.00 and up
After hours pickup: $100.00

** Mountain Run Kennel takes seriously its mission to provide your pet with the best possible care and to return him to you in the very best condition. At the end of your pet’s stay with us we provide a hydrosurge bath before sending him home with you. A charge of $25.00-$50.00 (depending on whether your pet is short-haired or long-haired) is automatically applied to your account.